Château Peyfaures

Completed in 2017

In 2017, Maxwell-Baynes Vineyards has closed the sale of Chateau Peyfaures to Latin Americans: Ricardo and Maria Moraes based in Miami Beach, Florida.

Photo of Château Peyfaures

Mme Godeau (né Bouey) is the seller of Chateau Peyfaures which has been in her family for 7 generations and today is operated by her son who will remain the manager after the sale. Michel Rolland consults at the vineyard which has impressed wine critics with its wines in particular their first wine “Dame de Coeur.”

The new owner has purchased the 15.70 ha estate with 11.36 hectares of vines planted the excellent terroir of the plateau of Genissac and plans to market heavily into the Americas. The property includes a period Girondine residence and is purchased with a guest apartment, all wine stock and fully equipped modern winery.

The buyer’s family operate a design business and the US arm of Italian ultra-exclusive kitchen company Officine Gullo.


This acquisition is a business investment for us, we will be engaging our marketing and distribution background to bring what we believe is an outstanding and undervalued wine product to the American markets. We see some remarkable wines being produced on the plateau of Gennisac that we believe the Americas will embrace. Chateau Peyfaures has impressed us from the beginning and in the context of the US and South America wine consumer markets we believe its wines represent a strong value-quality proposition – particularly when compared to Napa Valley.

Michael Baynes:

The strength of the US dollar continues to attract US investors, however it is notable that during 2016 and 2017 the last five Bordeaux vineyards we have sold to US buyers have all been targeted business investments for the buyers.

Logo of Château Peyfaures
  • Apellation

    AOC Entre Deux Mers

  • Vendor

    SCEA Vignobles BOUEY

  • Acquirers

    Officine Gullo