Bordeaux goes to Hong Kong

Bordeaux goes to Hong Kong

The week was packed with invitations and presentations including a number of contacts with former Chinese investor clients and potential new clients. It is clear to us that there is still strong interest from Chinese investors in Bordeaux vineyards.

The first formal event was as guests at the St Emilion Jurade Gala Dinner.

To open the 3 day Vinexpo Exhibition in Hong Kong the “Jurade de Saint Emilion” hosted a gala dinner on Monday 26th May, in the magnificent ballroom of the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Hong Kong. Dressed in their customary red outfits and playing out the ancient traditions of their guild – it made for quite a spectacle set against the fast paced world of China.

The evening began with a Champagne reception, followed by the induction ceremony of new members of the Jurade Introduced by Hubert de Bouard (Premier Jurat and owner of Château Angelus and sworn in by Barbara Janoueix and Stephane von Neipperg of Canon La Gaffelière.

The ceremony was followed by a fabulous black tie dinner, with 11 grand cru Classé and Premier Grand Cru Classé wines which were brought in to the sound of music in 3 lots of 3 plus the last lot of 2 older wines. We all had 4 glasses and tasted 3 wines which we marked with the appropriate name tag for the wine so that one could remember what was in each glass! The fourth glass enabled one to keep back the favourite from the first set to compare with the next set, rather than tipping them all into the spittoon bucket. First Château Cadet Bon 2011, Château Corbin 2010, Château Chauvin 2008 ; then Château Cap de Moulin 2009, Château Laroze 2009, Château Grand Corbin-Despagne 2009 ; followed by Château Angélus 2006, Château Figeac 2005, Château MagdelaineXX 2005 ; and lastly Château Pavie 2001, Château Beau-Séjour Bécot 1989.

Every day we are in this business we learn new things about the fascinating world of Bordeaux vineyards and wine making. Being invited to such prestigious events gives us the opportunity to learn from the leaders of our industry. There is a famous saying in Bordeaux, that “everything is for sale and yet nothing is for sale” – it is an indication that it is a small world and trusted word of mouth communications are essential to those who may be considering the sale of their vineyard or an asset purchase. Discretion continues to be a core value of the Bordeaux vineyard market.