Proud to have been responsible  for 10 of the total 28 Bordeaux vineyard transactions completed in 2016

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Vineyard Mergers & Aquisitions Specialist

Recognising that vineyard investments require different expertise, services and transaction management, Michael Baynes co-founded Vineyards-Bordeaux to serve the Bordeaux vineyard market.

Having gained a degree in Land Management from Reading University, Michael completed his masters in Land Economy from Cambridge University before entering the sophisticated commercial real estate market of central London. Michael worked for over six years with the publicly-listed real estate investment and development company, Speyhawk PLC and its subsidiary Hawk Development Management.

Building on this project management and commercial real estate background, he independently completed several small development projects in London before co-launching his investment and development company, Oxford-Spectrum LLC, in Southern California. Over 13 years he built up his businesses in the US which to date have completed over 30 developments and still own 750 storage units near Long Beach airport and a significant industrial park in Orange County with over 70 office, retail and industrial tenants.

Michael’s commercial real estate expertise has been a foundation of his leadership in vineyard transactions since 2008. As part of his contribution to the Bordeaux vineyard market, he teaches the MBA students at INSEEC Bordeaux on the subject of vineyard transactions.

Today, under Michael’s direction with executive partner Karin Maxwell, Vineyards-Bordeaux is a market leader in the successful execution of complex vineyard purchases including vineyard asset transactions and mergers and acquisitions of company shares.

My favourite aspect of the vineyard transaction process is navigating with our clients through the strategic decision making so essential to making an intelligent investment decision. There is no doubt that the Bordeaux lifestyle is attractive, however, an objective analysis of the many layers relating to a Bordeaux vineyard purchase is the foundation of the reputation we have built.

Michael BaynesCo-founder & Executive Partner

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