Vineyards By Christies – Trending Chinese

Vineyards By Christies – Trending Chinese

Foyle was given the exclusive for the FT first but since the public launch we have had a terrific response from the press. Writing about our new Vineyard initiative called “Vineyards by Chrisitie’s” he explained that we are a global team of experts from Christie’s Wine and Christie’s Vineyards pooling resources, expertise and talents to provide the best vineyard purchasing service in the world today. It is unique in that it is truly global using the vast international resources available within the Christie’s organization, but it is also very focused on wine. Although perhaps implied in the article it is worthy of emphasizing that vineyards are not just residential houses, they are complex commercial businesses that demand detailed guidance to arrive at a well informed decision. Market advice is a small part of this process, and while this is often essential, especially at the beginning, once a target estate is found, that is when the value of an expert team is most keenly felt.


Jamie Doward writing in the Guardian and Laura Ivill at Decanter have focused on the service we are offering to the Chinese coming to Bordeaux. We think that this has a lot to do with the fact that there is so much interest from the Chinese for Bordeaux vineyards at this time – vineyards for sale in Bordeaux are definitely “trending Chinese.” Vineyards-Bordeaux too are trending Chinese, with Lily (Li Lijuan) joining our team to underwrite our service and advice to Chinese clients. The initiative is intensely service based and at the moment focused on Chinese interest because that is where the demand is coming from. It is, however, a service open to all and intended to be the best vineyard buying service in the world today without costing any more than other services in the market.

My favourite of the articles comes from Adam Lechmere also of Decanter. Lechmere gives some perspective to many of the big conversations that are happening in the wine world at the moment regarding the Chinese. His article reminds us that the Bordeaux wine industry relies on demand for its product to remain healthy and dominant in the world. While Burgundy has historically been a very French enclave, Bordeaux is a giant and it has always been international in focus. That is why, in our opinion, Bordeaux will always stand head and shoulders above all other wine regions – it is a region that reaches out to the world and warmly invites the world in. May that continue!

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written by Michael Baynes