St Emilion Real Estate

St Emilion Real Estate

For example there are narrow medieval streets; parking is inconvenient being a good walk from homes and probably less than 7 homes in the whole village where you can park at the property. Why then are there so many Saint Emilion Real Estate Agents surviving and prospering in and around this vibrant living, all-year-round-village.

Despite its size St Emilion packs a punch way beyond its weight and it is this that affects Saint Emilion Real Estate so profoundly making it attractive for visitors, investors and local residents alike.

Narrow streets of medieval St Emilion

Visitors to St Emilion. Depending on whose figures you follow there are between 1 million and 2 million visitors each year to this UNESCO world heritage site. This might at first feel overwhelming if you live locally but in fact it works out very well. St Emilion tourists come from all over the world and arrive by train, car and coach but rarely before 11.00 am in the morning. They tend to stay for lunch, purchase some wines and then leave before 4.00 pm. What this means is that there is significant financial support for an infrastructure that those who live locally or who are staying in the numerous village hostelries, can enjoy in the evenings.

Investors in St Emilion. The AOC of St Emilion is a little over 5,000 hectares in total. With the average size of a St Emilion vineyard being about 6 hectares it means that there are about 800 St Emilion wineries that make some of the most prized wines in the world. An investment in a St Emilion vineyard estate is usually driven by a passion for wine; purchase prices are not cheap, but there will never be more hectares added to the AOC St Emilion so the finite nature of this prime location attracts a who’s who of global investors. These investors bring their sophistication, money and support staff to the immediate locality which further underwrites Saint Emilion Real Estate transactions and values.

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Local residents. There is a fascinating mix of local residents in and around St Emilion. The vast majority of course are French but the nature of its wine industry and the pre-eminence of Saint Emilion as global brand creates a rich international community that all live within a 15 minute drive of the village. The village is their number one reason for their location choice, but that is quickly followed by the stunning scenery of the region with its rolling hills, rivers and pastel colours emanating from the traditional limestone. Many who live there or who have lived there will tell you of the great social life that surrounds Saint Emilion. No one would pretend that it is a big city; but the restaurants, the (wine) shopping, the church (where there are a number of outstanding concerts throughout the year) and the excellent local amenities keep residents occupied and entertained in what is, after all, a rural farming community at its core.

Vineyards-Bordeaux specialize in the luxury vineyards and St Emilion real estate. It is the only St Emilion Realtor and has full team of experts both from Anglo and French backgrounds that live locally and know the area intimately.