• Château Birot
    Completed in 2014
    In 2014, Vineyards-Bordeaux supervised the sale of Chateau de Birot, in Beguey.

Château Birot


AOC Cadillac-Côtes-de-Bordeaux


SEA Fournier Casteja


New Century Tourism group

The chateau was sold by a family from Bordeaux to New Century Tourism Group, owner of 160 luxury hotels with 24,000 employees headquartered in Hangzhou, China.

Chateau Birot is an estate of just over 34 hectares of which 25 ha are under vine with a further 12 hectares under fermage, producing a wide range of marques including sweet wine. The chateau is anchored by an 18th century mansion.

We were impressed with the buyer’s professional and detailed approach to a complex purchase. As we have with investors in the past, we will continue to work with New Century to ensure that they have all the local support they need as they launch their project.

A senior representative of New Century said there are strong synergies with hotel and hospitality which correspond well to our expanding global hotel group. We consider it a privilege to be the next custodian of Chateau de Birot and look forward to investing in its future.

The seller will now retire having already passed the responsibility of running the chateau to his son in recent years. He will be retained by New Century in the same capacity.

Karin Maxwell Founder and Partner