• Château Grand-Moueys
    Completed in 2012
    In 2012, Vineyards-Bordeaux has closed the sale of Chateau du Grand Moueys for an undisclosed sum. The sale included the chateau, its estate, the wine making facilities, all equipment and the wine stock.

Château Grand-Moueys


AOC Premières Côtes de Bordeaux


SCA Les Trois Collines


Groupe NingXia

Château du Grand Moueys is 170 hectares with 58.5 hectares of Première Côtes de Bordeaux vines producing red, rosé and white wines. Annual production from the vineyard is up to 400,000 bottles that until today were largely sold in Europe. The new owners expect only 10% of the production to remain in Europe in the future – the balance being exported to China. The new owners recognize considerable opportunity with the estate and will expand the business with an investment of over €4 million in the coming years.

The buyer is the beverages, travel, hospitality and real estate conglomerate, NingXia Group based in Hong Kong represented by its founder and President Mr Zhang. Distribution of the wine will profit from the 300,000 outlets owned by the group throughout China.

It has been exciting to work with the Chinese over the past few months. We constantly marvel at the size and scale of their distribution networks – something I am sure that is the envy of many European wine makers. The international nature of Bordeaux and its €14.5 billion per year wine industry continues to attract buyers from all over the world adding to the rich cultural tapestry that is Bordeaux’s history.

Karin Maxwell Founder and Partner