• Château Pabus
    Completed in 2012
    In 2012, Vineyards-Bordeaux has closed the sale of Chateau Pabus, for €1,990,000 to an investment manager from New York.

Château Pabus


AOC Côtes de Bordeaux


SCEA Kris Couvent


Mr. R. S. Dow

The new owner plans to take what was already a very high quality wine “Pabus Cent Percent” to its maximum potential using technics and tactics normally only employed by the Premier Grand Crus. His objective is to offer a “boutique” wine that is as good as the investment grade wines but a fraction of the cost. Investment and upgrades to the wine making facilities and vineyard will commence immediately.

Michael Baynes, partner at Vineyards-Bordeaux said: “there is a great deal of attention on the Chinese in Bordeaux at the moment, and for good reason, however, in the last 8 months we have sold three beautiful chateaux all to New Yorkers (from the USA).The Americans love for Bordeaux is as strong as ever, and while the Chinese are seeking large, high volume businesses, the Americans are focusing on small high quality product.”

The seller of the well-known Belgian wine negoçiante company Huis Vossen will remain with the new enterprise to fulfill the new owner’s objectives.

Client's Perspective

I am delighted to take Pabus to the next level and we are looking forward to this US-Belgian collaboration in a place that we both feel very passionate about.