• Château Renon
    Completed in 2014
    In 2014, Vineyards-Bordeaux has closed the sale of Chateau Renon, in Tabanac.

Château Renon


AOC Cadillac


SCI Château Renon



Beijing buyer 54 year old chairman of a packaging company listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange that he started with his mother 20 years ago.

His businesses employ 3,000 people; additionally he has a wine importing business, operates a fencing club and is involved in the management of a polo club, all in Beijing. These interests have brought him to France many times over the last 10 years and particularly Bordeaux where his wine company has a supplier in St Emilion. Because of this he was inducted into the St Emilion Jurade in 2012.

Chateau Renon, built in 1802 above 16th century cellars, reputedly built by “Victor Louis” is set in over 5 hectares of parkland including stables and a “jardin à la francaise.” The buyer has purchased Chateau Renon Ouest an 8 hectare vineyard sold under separate contract thereby reuniting the château with its vineyard again.

The residence was completely restored in 2002 by a Bordeaux architect in conjunction with a specialist in Feng Shui. The buyer will continue to use French wine makers and local expertise for the vineyard operation and plans to export most of the wine to China. The primary use is a place for him and his family to stay for his frequent visits to Bordeaux as well as a venue for entertaining people from the Chinese wine industry including Chinese media.

Client's Perspective

Particularly pleased that Chateau Renon can be reunited with the original vineyard as one property again and that he is committed to protecting the heritage and the integrity of the estate.