• Domaine de Courteillac
    Vineyards-Bordeaux realised the sale of Domaine de Courteillac, Bordeaux Superieur to Daohe Wine and Spirits a Chinese conglomerate with a wine and spirits subsidiary.

Domaine de Courteillac


AOC Bordeaux Supérieur


Ballande et Meneret SA


Daohe Wine and Spirits

The seller purchased the estate in 1998 from his friend in partnership with the company Ballande & Meneret before becoming the sole owner in 2001.

The new owner has purchased the 50 ha estate with 27 hectares of excellent terroir on the plateau of Ruch 33350 and plans to keep the existing business-plan and team in place. The seller will continue in his role as Directeur Technique while Stephane Derenoncourt and Frédéric Massié remain as consultants to the estate. During the transition period the seller will provide support and advice and will maintain French distribution via SARL Domaines Meneret-Audy.

The Daohe Group focuses in commercial real estate, catering management, aviation, communications, film industry, technology, beverages and asset management. This is the first investment in Bordeaux for Daohe W&S as they launch their international expansion seeking the highest quality vineyards with strong reputations and proven distribution channels.

We were very impressed by the professionalism and cultural sensitivity that Daohe displayed throughout the purchase process

Michael Baynes Founder and Partner