Vineyards by Christies Vineyards-Bordeaux at Vinexpo

Vineyards by Christies Vineyards-Bordeaux at Vinexpo

Talking to our friends and colleagues at the event throughout the 5 days there was a consensus that the quality of visitors was very high.

Vineyards-Bordeaux was the only company representing vineyard transactions at the Vinexpo. Our visitors came from all over including Chinese, Americans, Mexicans, English, Dutch, French and English. Our stand was in Hall Three since we are neither negoçiants nor vineyard owners, but being located by one of the information booths and adjacent to the seminar room we had a steady flow of visitors. As always we had our colleagues from Christie’s wine with us at the stand discussing auctions and private cellars with the “heavies” of the wine industry.

Li Lijuan

There is an air of sophistication throughout the wine fair, the stands are amazing with glamour and colour everywhere. As you walk down the isles you are struck by the languages being spoken and the magnificent array of wines on display. One of my favourite stands however was the stand for Chateau Le Cone with their authentic horse drawn carriage providing a delightful place for meetings and sipping something interesting.

For us it is an opportunity to keep in contact with our clients and meet new buyers and sellers of vineyards. We gather data, get a sense of what is happening in the market and maintain our credibility as vineyard transaction experts. The Christie’s factor is powerful and effective as we work in concert with our Christie’s wine colleagues David Elswood (London) and Bill Blatch (Bordeaux) – both pictured. The Christie’s legend Anthony Hansen also made a brief visit but as you would expect he was being entertained in more lofty places than the Vineyards by Christies stand. Our Lily (Li Lijuan) was as active as anyone with a non-stop flow of Chinese clients seeking vineyard investment advice and cultural guidance.

Bordeaux vineyards team

So what are our big “take aways” from the 2015 Vinexpo:

  1. The exhibitors were very encouraged by the quality of the visitors pertaining to business.
  2. The terrible 2013 vintage is behind us and there is significant optimism regarding the 2015 vintage.
  3. There were some excellent seminars given such as the Ernst & Young seminar covering innovative ways to finance vineyard purchases.
  4. Bordeaux is increasingly confident and shaking off its insecurities of the noughties.
  5. The global wine industry is alive and well.
  6. Relationship and trust in this business is essential.
  7. It is always better when the sun shines.