The Vineyard Sales Process – A Client Perspective

The Vineyard Sales Process – A Client Perspective

When I am looking for a product or service that is outside my core expertise there is nothing more helpful to me than a genuine testimonial given by someone that has trodden the path before me. We have often written of the complexities relating to a vineyard transaction and how the effective management of such transactions is the Vineyards-Bordeaux “USP.”

Over the years we have been very fortunate to regularly receive excellent testimonials from clients that we have worked with, however, we are particularly proud of these two since both buyer and seller are sophisticated business people and in the case of the buyer, Mr Campbell, he is a highly experienced M&A professional. While M&A transactions have much in common from a structural point of view; they differ greatly from a technical point of view – in this case of course it was vineyard expertise.

Chateau Fayolle Aerial View

With smaller transactions such as this one (the asking price was EUR 3.5m) we most commonly manage the whole transaction brokering each step of the process with both buyer and seller over the months needed to complete the vineyard sales process. Larger transactions (typically over EUR 30 million) tend to attract and support both Buy-side and Sell-side vineyard transaction managers.

Buyer Testimonial

It has been almost four months since we purchased a vineyard estate with the help of Michael Baynes at Vineyards-Bordeaux Christie’s International Real Estate and we have finally found time to take a few minutes to document the very positive experience that we had working with him on this transaction. We worked diligently for almost three years – both with estate agents and on our own – to find the perfect vineyard property to match our plans. After four failed attempted transactions, including one that ended up in legal action, we luckily found Michael and Vineyards-Bordeaux.

From the first email contact to the final closing Michael was the consummate professional and was highly experienced and effective in negotiating and closing a vineyard transaction. These transactions are quite complicated and with due diligence, legal filings and other complications require 5 – 6 months to close – clearly not your typical real estate transaction. Michael worked very well with us, the sellers and both of our legal teams to overcome any and all obstacles that popped up during the process and helped ensure that entire project stayed on track and on schedule. He was very responsive, action oriented and timely in solving any issues that arose. He was very effective in working with all parties to find compromises to several issues that arose in the course of the transaction process. He has also been a valuable resource following the transaction in identifying suppliers to help us drive our new business.

It was a real pleasure working with Michael and we would highly recommend him to anyone looking to purchase vineyard property in his geographic area of expertise. During our three year process we came in contact with many individuals and Michael was one of the very best we had the pleasure to work with. We would welcome the chance to work together with him again.

Frank and Riki Campbell

Chateau de Fayolle Vineyard - AOC Côtes de Bergerac

Seller Testimonial

The reputation of Vineyards-Bordeaux was known to us prior to making the decision to sell. Having owned real estate and various companies internationally it was evident to us that the sale of a vineyard encompasses both commercial and emotional considerations (for both buyer and seller).

The strategic, technical, regulatory and commercial aspects of the business are as important as the emotion and passion associated with the tangible assets and wine. Michael Baynes and his team clearly have a considerable expertise not just in the marketing and presentation of a vineyard estate but also managing the transaction, understanding the aspirations of both buyer and seller and ability to engage with the various professional experts over the weeks and months of due diligence, legal agreements and financial structuring all of which are essential to a successful outcome. Vineyards-Bordeaux have their reputation for good reason, they earned our respect and it is with enthusiasm that we write this testimonial to underwrite their service to anyone considering a vineyard transaction.

We have very fond memories of Château de Fayolle, it was an important part of our lives for many years – the quality of the marketing material, the video and the photography were all excellent and captured all that we loved about the property. In our opinion Vineyards-Bordeaux are the most professional vineyard agents in the region and we have no hesitation recommending them.

Julian and Kristina Taylor

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